P.L.J. Band

P.L.J. Band were a Greek symphonic/space-rock quintet that debuted with the 1979 self-press EP Gaspar. In 1982, the band released Armageddon, their first of two popular albums on the Vertigo label. A name-change to Termites (Τερμίτες) yielded three further albums on Virgin between 1984 and 1986.

Members: Lavrentis Maheritsas (lead vocals, 12-string guitar, keyboards), Adonis Mitzelos (lead guitar, acoustic guitar), Jimmy Vasalakis (bass, backing vocals), Pavlos Kikrilis (rhythm guitar), Tolis Skamajouras (drums, percussion)


  • Gaspar (EP, 1979)
  • Armageddon (1982)
  • Τερμίτες (1983)

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