Pleasure was an American soul-funk band from Portland, Ore., that released six albums on Fantasy between 1975 and 1980, followed by a seventh on RCA Victor in 1982.

Members: Marlon McClain (guitar, vocals), Sherman Davis (vocals), Bruce Carter (drums), Donald Hepburn (keyboards, vocals), Nathaniel Phillips (bass, vocals), Bruce Smith (percussion, vocals), Denis Springer (saxophone), Dan Brewster (trombone), Michael Hepburn (keyboards, vocals), Tony Collins (trumpet, flugelhorn), Douglas Lewis (guitar), Randy Hall (vocals)

Pleasure assembled in 1972 when guitarist Marlon McClain and the rhythm section of Portland R&B act The Franchise merged with the soloists of local rivals The Soul Masters. The original nine-piece lineup featured McClain, drummer Bruce Carter, bassist Nathaniel Phillips, saxophonist Dennis Springer, trombonist and guitarist Dan Brewster, vocalist Sherman Davis, percussionist Bruce Smith, and keyboardists Donald Hepburn and Michael Hepburn.

By 1974, Pleasure was a popular draw on the Pacific Northwest club circuit, where they drew the support of visiting jazzman Grover Washington Jr. He linked them with producer and Crusaders trombonist Wayne Henderson, who secured them a deal with Fantasy Records.

Dust Yourself Off

Pleasure released their debut album, Dust Yourself Off, in July 1975 on Fantasy Records.

Accept No Substitutes

Pleasure released their second album, Accept No Substitutes, in 1976 on Fantasy Records.


Pleasure released their third album, Joyous, in 1977 on Fantasy Records.

Get to the Feeling

Pleasure released their fourth album, Get to the Feeling, in 1978 on Fantasy Records.

Future Now

Pleasure released their fifth album, Future Now, in 1979 on Fantasy Records.

Special Things

Pleasure released their sixth album, Special Things, in 1980 on Fantasy Records.

Give It Up

Pleasure released their seventh album, Give It Up , in 1982 on Fantasy Records.



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