Planet P

Planet P were an American modern-rock band that released a self-titled album on Geffen in 1983, followed by the double-album Pink World as Planet P Project on MCA in 1984. The project was resurrected for a further round of albums in the 21st century. Keyboardist/bandleader Tony Carey concurrently recorded solo rock/vocal and library/instrumental albums, both under his own name and the monikers Explorer, No Human, TCP, and Yellow Power.

Members: Tony Carey (guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals), Helmut Bibl (guitar), Johan Daansen (guitar), Peter Hauke (percussion, drums), Fritz Matzka (percussion, drums), Robert Musenbichler (guitar), Hartmut Pfannmuller (percussion, drums), David Porter Thomas (vocals), Eddie Taylor (saxophone), Reinhard Besser (guitar), Helmut Bibl (guitar), Shane Dempsey (synthesizer), Roderich Gold (synthesizer), Koen VanBaal (guitar, drums, keyboards), Tom Leonhardt (guitar, drums, keyboards)


  • Planet P (1983)
  • Pink World (1984)

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