Pigbag were an English New Wave/jazz-funk band from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, that released a pair of shortplayers on Y Records in 1981, followed by two albums and a live disc on the label between 1982 and 1983.

Members: Chris Hamlin (clarinet, percussion, 1980-81), Roger Freeman (trombone, percussion, 1980-82), James Johnstone (guitar, alto saxophone, keyboards, steel drums), Chris Lee (trumpet), Mark Smith (bass), Chip Carpenter (drums, percussion), Simon Underwood (bass), Ollie Moore (tenor saxophone), Brian Nevill (drums), Oscar Verden (trombone, keyboards), Kofi Adu (drums, 1982), Angela Jaeger (vocals)


  • “Papa’s Got a Brand New Pigbag” / “The Backside” (1981)
  • Sunny Day (EP, 1981)
  • Dr. Heckle and Mr. Jive (1982)
  • Lend an Ear (1983)
  • Pig Bag (live, 1983)

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