Phenomena were an English symphonic/hard-rock project headed by producer Tom Galley and his guitarist brother Mel Galley. The project yielded a self-titled album on Bronze in 1985, followed by a second on Ariola in 1987. Both albums feature assorted big-name vocalists and instrumentalists, including Glenn Hughes, John Wetton, Don Airey and Kyoji Yamamoto.

Members: Mel Galley (guitar), Glenn Hughes (vocals, 1985-87, 2006), John Thomas (guitar, 1985-87), Neil Murray (bass, 1985-87), Richard Bailey (keyboards, 1985-87), Cozy Powell (drums, 1985), Ted McKenna (drums, 1985), Don Airey (keyboards, 1985), Ray Gillen (vocals, 1987), John Wetton (vocals, bass, 1987), Max Bacon (vocals, 1987), Kyoji Yamamoto (guitar, 1987), Scott Gorham (guitar, 1987-96), Mike Sturgis (drums, 1987-96), Toshihiro Niimi (drums, 1987), Leif Johansen (keyboards, 1987-96), Keith Murrell (vocals, 1996-2006), Brian May (guitar, 1996)


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