Pescado Rabioso

Pescado Rabioso was an Argentine blues-folk-psych band headed by former Almendra guitarist, singer, and songwriter Luis Alberto Spinetta. In 1972, they released Desatormentándonos on Microfon, followed by two albums in 1973: Pescado 2 (a double album) and Artaud.

Members: Luis Alberto Spinetta (guitar, vocals), Black Amaya (drums), Osvaldo “Bocón” Frascino (bass, guitar, vocals, 1971), Carlos Cutaia (keyboards, 1972-73), David Lebón (bass, guitar, vocals, 1972-73)

David Lebón replaced Osvaldo “Bocón” Frascino when the latter departed after the first album for the psych-rock one-off Sacramento. Lebón served briefly in Rabioso rivals Color Humano — which also released two albums in 1973 — and also played in Pappo’s Blues alongside Black Amaya. 

After Pescado Rabioso split, Spinetta expanded on the band’s musical vision in his next three-album outfit Invisible. Carlos Cutaia would join Charly García in La Máquina de Hacer Pájaros.


  • Desatormentándonos (1972)
  • Pescado 2 (dbl, 1973)
  • Artaud (1973)

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