Perfect are a Polish hard-rock band that debuted with a 1981 EP on Tonpress, followed by a pair of 1982 albums on that label and Polskie Nagrania Muza. A 1983 live album on Savitor preceded a 10-year gap in recording. Subsequent decades witnessed more prolific live and studio output from the band.

Members: Wojciech Morawski (drums, 1978-80), Zdzisław Zawadzki (bass, 1978-82), Paweł Tabaka (keyboards, 1978-79), Ewa Korczyńska-Konarzewska (vocals, 1978-80), Basia (vocals, 1978-79), Zbigniew Hołdys (vocals, guitar, 1978-91), Grzegorz Markowski (vocals, 1980-87, 1993-present), Ryszard Sygitowicz (guitar, 1980-82, 1993-97), Piotr Szkudelski (drums, 1980-present), Andrzej Nowicki (guitar, 1982-87, 1993-98), Andrzej Urny (guitar, 1982-87)


  • Chcemy być Sobą (EP, 1981)
  • Perfect (1982)
  • UNU (1982)
  • Live (1983)

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