Peggy’s Leg

Peggy’s Leg were an Irish symphonic-folk band that was active for three years during the early 1970s. The band released one album, Grinilla, in 1973 on their self-ran Bunch label. A non-album single followed in 1974. The final lineup of the band included original Thin Lizzy guitarist Eric Bell.

Members: Jimi Slevin (guitar, vocals, 1972-74), Don Harris (drums, vocals), Jimmy Gibson (guitar, vocals), Vincent Duffy (bass, 1972-74), Eric Bell (guitar, 1974-75), Martin Biseneiks (keyboards, 1974-75), John Brady (bass, 1974-75)


  • Grinilla (1973)
  • “William Tell Overture” / “Brownox” (1974)

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