Pé Ante Pé

Pé Ante Pé were a Brazilian avant-jazz/rock band that released a self-titled album on small-press Dala in 1980, followed by the sophomoric Imagens do Inconsciente on Lira Paulistana in 1982.

Members: Homero Lotito (piano), Teco Cardoso (saxophone), Jarbas Barbosa (guitar), Caito Marcondes (drums), Mané Silveira (saxophone, 1979-82), Xico Guedes (saxophone, 1979-82), Beto Caldas (vibraphone, 1979-82), Gerson Frutuoso (bass, 1979-80), Tuco Freire (bass, 1980-82), Sylvio Mazzucca Jr. (bass, 1982-84)


  • Pé ante Pé (1980)
  • Imagens do Inconsciente (1982)

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