Paz were an English ethno-jazz/funk ensemble that released a live album on Magnus Records and two albums apiece on Spotlight and Coda between 1978 and 1986. The band was formed in 1972 by percussionist Dick Crouch and featured contributions by soloists of international renown, including saxophonist Ray Warleigh and guitarist Jim Mullen.

Members: Dick Crouch (vibraphone, percussion), Dave Sheen (drums), Simon Morton (congas, percussion), Ray Warleigh (saxophone, flute), Chris Fletcher (congas, percussion), Ron Mathewson (bass), Ed Speight (guitar), Frank Gibson (drums), Martin Drew (timbales), Phil Todd (saxophone, flute), Phil Lee (guitar), Henry Thomas (bass), Mike Bradley (drums), Roberto Pla (timbales, percussion), Jim Mullen (guitar), Dave Early (drums), Joao Bosco de Oliveira (percussion), Marianne Davidson (vocals), Frank Holder (vocals, percussion), Martin Shaw (flugelhorn, trumpet), Matt Wates (saxophone), Adam Salkeld (guitar), Rob Statham (bass), Chris Dagley (drums), Peter Callard (guitar), Geoff Castle (piano, synthesizer)


  • Kandeen Love Song (1978)
  • Live at Chichester (1978)
  • Paz Are Back (1981)
  • Look Inside (1983)
  • Always There (1986)

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