Pauline Murray & the Invisible Girls

Pauline Murray (born March 8, 1958) is an English New Wave/rock vocalist from Durham who fronted the band Penetration for a clutch of singles and two albums on Virgin between 1977 and 1979. After the band folded, she assembled a loose collective known as the Invisible Girls and issued an eponymous album before the nameplate on Illusive/RSO in 1980. The remainder of the decade saw sporadic band and solo releases from the singer, culminating with the 1989 disc Storm Clouds.

Members: Martin Hannett (bass, guitar), Steve Hopkins (keyboards), Lyn Oakey (guitar, 1978-?), Paul Burgess (drums, 1978-?, 1981-82), Robert Blamire (bass, 1980-81), Vini Reilly (guitar, 1980), David Rowbotham (guitar, 1980), Dave Hassel (percussion, 1980), John Maher (drums, 1980-81), Wayne Hussey (guitar, 1981), Rick Goldstraw (bass, 1982), Toby Toman (drums, 1982)


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