Paul Winter Consort

Paul Winter (born Aug. 31, 1939) is an American soprano saxophonist from Altoona, Penn., who issued his first albums on Columbia during the early 1960s. In 1968, he formed his first lineup of the ethno-jazz/rock ensemble Winter Consort with future mainstays of the ECM label. The band issued three 1968–70 albums on A&M and a fourth, Icarus, on Epic in 1972.

The Winter Consort members (1968-69): Paul Winter (saxophone), Gene Murrow (English horn, 1968), Virgil Scott (flute, 1968), Gene Bertoncini (guitar, 1968), Karl Herreshoff (guitar, lute, 1968), Richard Bock (cello, 1968), John Beal (bass, 1968), Ruth Ben-Zvi (darabukka, marimba, 1968), Paul McCandless (English horn, oboe, 1969), David Darling (cello, 1969), Ralph Towner (Spanish guitar, 12-string guitar, 1969), Glen Moore (bass, 1969), Collin Walcott (congas, surdo, tabla, tambourine, trap set, 1969)

Paul Winter and The Winter Consort (1969): Paul Winter (saxophone), Paul McCandless (English horn), Virgil Scott (alto flute), Richard Bock (cello), John Beal (bass), Steve Booker (drums)

Paul Winter Consort (1972-present): Paul Winter (soprano saxophone, vocals), Ralph Towner (cathedral organ, acoustic guitar, Spanish guitar, 12-string guitar, piano, regal, vocals, 1972), Paul McCandless (contrabass, English horn, oboe, vocals, 1972), David Darling (cello, vocals, 1972), Herb Bushler (electric bass, 1972), Collin Walcott (congas, kettledrums, bass marimba, mridangam, sitar, surdo, tabla, trap set, 1972), John Clark (French horn, 1985), Paul Halley (keyboards, piano, 1985-92), Oscar Castro-Neves (guitar, 1985-87), Jim Scott (guitar, vocals, 1985), Eugene Friesen (cello, 1985-92), Russ Landau (bass, 1985-87), Glen Velez (percussion, 1985-92), Guilherme Franco (percussion, 1985), Kimati Dinizulu (percussion, 1985), Ted Moore (percussion,1985-87), Susan Osborn (vocals, 1985), Rhonda Larson (flute, 1992), Eliot Wadopian (bass, 1992)


  • Something in the Wind (1969)
  • The Winter Consort (1969)
  • Road (live, 1970 • The Winter Consort )
  • Icarus (1972)
  • Common Ground (1978)
  • Callings (1980)
  • Missa Gaia / Earth Mass (1982)
  • Sun Singer (1983)
  • Canyon (1985)
  • Concert for the Earth (1985)
  • Wintersong (1986)
  • Earthbeat (Пульс земли) (1987 • The Paul Winter Consort with The Dimitri Pokrovsky Singers)
  • Whales Alive (1987 • Paul Winter & Paul Halley)
  • Whales Alive (1987 • Paul Winter / Paul Halley)
  • Earth: Voices of a Planet (1990)

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