Pastoral were an Argentine folk duo comprised of guitarists/vocalists Alejandro De Michele and Miguel Angel Erausqui, who joined forces in 1971 in Buenos Aires. The pair released six albums between 1973 and 1982, each featuring a handful of supportive players. Their Charly García-assisted third album — Humanos (1976) — attracted international interest.

Members: Alejandro De Michele (guitar, vocals), Miguel Angel Erausquin (guitar, vocals)

Erausqui has released two solo albums over the years, the first of which — Hacia la Libertad (1981) — appeared during a brief pause in Pastoral activity. De Michele spent this period in the short-lived pop band Merlin.

After the 1982 live-reunion album Generación, Pastoral ended for good with De Michele’s death on May 20, 1983.


  • Pastoral (1973)
  • En el Hospicio (1975)
  • Humanos (1976)
  • Atrapados en el Cielo (1977)
  • De Michele-Erausquin (1979)
  • Generación (1982)

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