Parachute were a Japanese sophisti-pop band that released four albums between 1980 and 1982 on Agharta.

Members: 今剛 [Tsuyoshi Kon] (guitar), 松原正樹 [Masaki Matsubara] (guitar), Mike Dunn (bass), 安藤芳彦 [Yoshihiko Ando] (keyboards), 斎藤ノブ [Nobu Saito] (percussion), 林立夫 [Tatsuo Hayashi] (drums), Izumi Kobayashi (1979-80), 井上鑑 [Akira Inoue] (keyboards, 1980-present)


  • From Asian Port (1980)
  • 6 Kinds 6 Sizes (1980)
  • HAERE MAI (1981)
  • Sylvia (1982)

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