Panta Rhei

Panta Rhei were a Hungarian symphonic-rock band from Debrecen, formed in 1974. The band released a pair of shortplayers on Pepita circa 1978/79, followed by an album on that label in 1981. Recordings from the 1976/77 era would later surface on the digital bootleg Bartok. The band evolved into P.R. Computer, which released an electronic album in 1983.

Members: András Szalay (vocals, bass), Sándor Szalay (guitar), Kálmán Matolcsy (keyboards), Csaba Béke (drums, 1974-79), József Nagy (flute, 1974-75), Enikő Ács (vocals, 1976-79), János Kegye (saxophone, 1976), Miklós Kiss (drums, 1976), András Schmidt (drums, 1979), András Laár (vocals, guitar, 1979-80)


  • Panta Rhei (1981)
  • Bartok (1976–77)

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