Pallas are a Scottish symphonic-rock band from Aberdeen, formed in the mid-1970s and unrecorded for much of their first decade beyond a cassette-only release on self-press Granite Wax. Between 1984 and 1986, the band released two albums on Harvest, followed by a long run of self-issued live and studio titles during the 1990s and into the 21st century.

Members: Graeme Murray (bass, vocals), Mike Stobbie (keyboards, 1974-79, 1987-98), George Gibson (vocals, electric mandolin, violin, 1974-75), Colin Rae (drums, 1974-75), Dave Taylor (guitar, vocals, 1974-76), Ali Milne (drums, 1975-76), Brian Wood (vocals, 1975-77), Derek Forman (drums, 1976-98), Dave Holt (guitar, vocals, 1976-78), Craig Anderson (vocals, 1977-78), Euan Lowson (vocals, 1978-84), Niall Mathewson (guitar, vocals, 1978-present), Ronnie Brown (keyboards, 1979-87, 1998-present), Alan Reed (vocals, 1984-2010)


  • Arrive Alive (cassette, 1981)
  • The Sentinel (1984)
  • The Wedge (1986)

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