Palass were a Belgian hard-rock/metal band from Charleroi, Hainaut, that released two singles on Robert Derycke Productions circa 1980/81, culminating with the album Private Property on Imavox. In 1989, the nameplate was resurrected for the album Queen of the World on Powerhouse.

Members: Daniel Duvieuart (vocals), Bernard Cambier (piano, strings, synthesizer), Jean-Claude Manderlier (lead guitar), Thierry Servais (rhythm guitar), William Duncker (bass), Christian Hance (drums), Eddy Hacik (guitar), Remy Vanheuverzwyn (guitar), Michel Bellance (bass), Alain Capitte (drums)


  • “Visions” / “Squeeze Me” (1980)
  • Private Property (1981)
  • Queen of the World (1989)

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