Pageant were a Japanese symphonic-rock band that released three albums during the late 1980s on Made In Japan Records.

Members: Hiroko Nagai (vocals, keyboards), Hideaki Indou (drums), Ikkou Nakajima (vocals, guitar, 1981-87), Nobuyuki Nagashima (bass, 1981-87), Kazuhiro Miyatake (flute, acoustic guitar, 1985-89), Kazuhiko Yamada (bass, 1987-89), Hiroyuki Maeno (guitar, 1989), Yuzo Kashima (keyboards, 1989)


  • 螺鈿幻想 [Raden Gensō] / La Mosaïque de la Rêverie (1986)
  • Abysmal Masquerade (1987)
  • The Pay for Dreamer’s Sin (Yume no Hoshu) (1989)

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