Overkill are an American metal band from Old Bridge, NJ, that released seven albums on Megaforce and Atlantic between 1985 and 1994, followed by titles on CMC, eOne, Steamhammer, and Nuclear Blast during the subsequent quarter-century.

Members: D.D. Verni (bass), Rat Skates (drums, 1980-87), Bobby Ellsworth [aka Blitz] (vocals), Robert Pisarek [aka Riff Thunder] (guitar, 1980-81), Dan Spitz (guitar, 1981), Anthony Ammendola (guitar 1981), Rich Conte (guitar, 1981-83), Mike Sherry (guitar, 1981-82), Bobby Gustafson (guitar, 1983-90), Mark Archibole (drums, 1987), Sid Falck (drums, 1987-92), Rob Cannavino (guitar, 1991-95), Merritt Gant (guitar, 1991-95), Tim Mallare (drums, 1993-2005), Sebastian Marino (guitar, 1996-99), Joe Comeau (guitar, 1996-2000), Dave Linsk (guitar, 1999-present), Derek Tailer [aka The Skull] (guitar, 2001-present), Ron Lipnicki (drums, 2005-17), Jason Bittner (drums, 2017-present)

Select discography:

  • Feel the Fire (1985)
  • Taking Over (1987)
  • Under the Influence (1988)
  • The Years of Decay (1989)
  • Horrorscope (1991)

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