Outlaws were an American hard-rock boogie band from Tampa that released seven studio albums and a live double-LP between 1975 and 1982 on Arista.

Members: Hughie Thomasson (vocals, guitar, banjo, 1967-96), David Dix (drums, percussion, 1967-70, 1977-87), Frank O’Keefe (bass, guitar, vocals, 1967-76), Monte Yoho (drums, 1969-79), Billy Jones (guitar, keyboards, vocals, 1970-81), Henry Paul (vocals, guitar, 1972-77, 1983-86), Harvey Dalton Arnold (bass, 1976-80), Freddie Salem (guitar, 1977-83), Rick Cua (bass, 1980-83), Mike Duke (keyboards, vocals, 1980-81), Bob Jenkins (guitar, vocals, 1983), Steve Grisham (guitar, vocals, 1983-86), Chuck Glass (bass, keyboards, vocals, 1983-87), Chris Anderson (guitar, vocals, 1986-89)


Outlaws evolved from The Four Letter Words, a Tampa garage band formed in 1967 by guitarist–singer Hughie Thomasson.


Outlaws released their self-titled debut album in July 1975 on Arista.

Lady in Waiting

Outlaws released their second album, Lady in Waiting, in March 1976 on Arista.

Hurry Sundown

Outlaws released their third album, Hurry Sundown, in May 1977 on Arista.

Bring It Back Alive

In February 1978, Outlaws released Bring It Back Alive, a live double-album culled from their autumn 1977 tour.

Playin’ to Win

Outlaws released their fourth studio album, Playin’ to Win, in October 1978 on Arista.


  • Outlaws (1975)
  • Lady in Waiting (1976)
  • Hurry Sundown (1977)
  • Playin’ to Win (1978)
  • Bring It Back Alive (live 2LP, 1978)
  • In the Eye of the Storm (1979)
  • Ghost Riders (1980)
  • Los Hombres Malo (1982)
  • Soldiers of Fortune (1986)


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