Out of Focus

Out of Focus were a German jazz-rock band that released three albums on Kuckuck between 1970 and 1972. Additional live and studio material from the band’s 1972–74 period was later issued across three discs by archivists Tripkick and Garden of Delights.

Members: Remigius Drechsler (guitar, backing vocals), Hennes Hering (keyboards), Moran Neumüller (vocals, saxophone, flute), Stephan Wiesheu (bass), Klaus Spöri (drums), Ingo Schmid-Neuhaus (saxophone), Peter Dechant (guitar), Hermann Breuer (keyboards), Michael Thatcher (keyboards), Grand Roman Langhans (percussion), Wolfgang Göhringer (guitar, backing vocals), Evelyn Drechsler (bass)


  • Wake Up! (1970)
  • Out of Focus (1971)
  • Four Letter Monday Afternoon (1972)
  • Not Too Late (1999, recorded 1974)
  • Rat Roads (2002, recorded 1972)
  • Palermo 1972 (live, 2007 | recorded 1972)

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