Otis Waygood Blues Band

The Otis Waygood Blues Band was a Zimbabwean hard-rock/psych combo that released three albums on Parlophone circa 1970/71. Despite their brief recorded run, the band were active for 11 years in their adopted market of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Members: Martin Jackson (vocals, flute), Ivor Rubinstein (vocals, percussion), Rob Zipper (vocals, guitar, saxophone), Benny Miller (guitar), Leigh Sagar (guitar, organ, Hawaiian guitar), Alan Zipper (bass), Angus McLean (piano), Billy Toon (drums)


  • Otis Waygood Blues Band (1970)
  • Simply Otis Waygood (1971)
  • Ten Light Claps and a Scream (1971)

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