Other Music

Other Music were an American mallet ensemble, formed in 1975 in Sausalito, Calif. In 1980, they issued the album Prime Numbers on one-press Nth Degree, a subsidiary of William Novak’s Dumb Records. A second album, Incidents Out of Context, appeared on Chicago small-press Flying Fish Records in 1983. Co-founder/multi-instrumentalist Henry S. Rosenthal also drummed (as Hank Rank) in Bay Area punks Crime during the mid-1970s.

Members: Henry S. Rosenthal (guitar, drums, metallophones, synthesizer), David B. Doty (electronics, marimba, metallophones, synthesizer, flute), Dale S. Soules (French horn, trombone, vocals, metallophones, clavinet), Carola B. Anderson (drums, marimba, metallophones, tenor saxophone, synthesizer, 1975-?), Jacqueline Summerfield (metallophone, 1975-?), Kathy Sheehy (metallophone, 1977-?), James Stadig (percussion, kanrang), Andrew Fischer (English horn, metallophones, synthesizer, dulcimer), Robert Lauriston, Brenda J. Tiersma, Jonathan Plenn


  • Prime Numbers (1980)
  • Incidents Out of Context (1983)

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