Osanna was an Italian symphonic/hard-rock band that released four albums on Fonit between 1971 and 1974, followed by a fifth title on CBS in 1978.

Members: Lino Vairetti (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Danilo Rustici (guitar, organ, vocals, 1970-2003), Massimo Guarino (drums, percussion, 1970-79), Elio D’Anna (saxophone, flute, 1970-75), Lello Brandi (bass, 1970-75), Enzo Petrone (bass, 1978-2003), Fabrizio D’Angelo (piano, keyboards, 1978-79)

Osanna emerged in Naples in 1971. They formed from the ashes of an unrecorded predecessor, Città Frontale, which split when keyboardist Gianni Leone jumped ship to Il Balletto di Bronzo. (The name Città Frontale was later resurrected by an Osanna spinoff band.) The original Osanna lineup featured singer/guitarist Lino Vairetti, guitarist/organist Danilo Rustici, reedist Elio D’Anna, bassist Lello Brand, and drummer Massimo Guarino. D’Anna hailed from ’60s beatsters The Showmen.


  • L’uomo (1971)
  • Preludio, tema, variazioni, canzona (OST, 1972)
  • Palepoli (1973)
  • Landscape of Life (1974)
  • Suddance (1978)


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