Osage Tribe

Osage Tribe were an Italian symphonic/hard-rock band from Genova, Liguria, that released the album Arrow Head on the Bla Bla label in 1972. Guitarist Marco Zoccheddu and bassist Bob Callero subsequently played in Duello Madre.

Members: Nunzio “Cucciolo” Favia (drums), Bob Callero (bass, vocals, 1971-72), Marco Zoccheddu (guitar, keyboards, vocals, 1971-72), Franco Battiato (vocals, 1971), Red Canzian (guitar, vocals, 1973), Giampiero Marchiani (bass, 1973)

Osage Tribe was formed in 1971 by vocalist Franco Battiato and his drummer Cucciolo. They roped in guitarist Marco Zoccheddu — who briefly played with a pre-record Nuova Idea — and bassist Bob Callero. The band recorded one single for Bla Bla, “Un falco nel cielo” (b/w “Prehistoric Sound”); the a-side was used for an Italian quiz show. Soon thereafter, Battiato departed for a solo career, leaving the band as a trio.

In 1972, Osage Tribe released their singular album, Arrow Head, on Bla Bla. It features five Zoccheddu compositions, including “Cerchio Di Luce,” “Orizzonti Senza Fine,” and the title-track. The album was produced by Pino Massara (Aktuala, Battiato, Capsicum Red, Juri Camisasca). The cover and gatefold visuals are credited to Eldorado Sivelli and Giordano Casiraghi (also responsible for Capsicum’s Appunti Per Un’Idea Fissa). Below the title it reads punta di freccia (Italian for “arrowhead”).

Later that year, Osage Tribe cut a non-album single: the Massara-penned “Prehistoric Sound,” backed with Zoccheddu’s “Crazy Horse.” It was released on the Spanish Ekipo-subsidiary Exit Records. Soon thereafter, Zoccheddu and Callero departed for jazz-rockers Duello Madre. Cuccio tried to keep Osage Tribe afloat with new members, including Capsicum guitarist/singer Red Canzian, but this produced no further recordings.

Zoccheddu later backed Reverberi and Fabrizio De Andre. Callero played (as Olov) on the first Il Volo album and provided backup to Lucio Battisti, Patty Pravo, Anna Oxa, Gino D’Eliso, and numerous other Italian stars.


  • “Un falco nel cielo” / “Prehistoric Sound” (1971)
  • “Prehistoric Sound” / “Crazy Horse” (1972)
  • Arrow Head (1972)


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