Os Mutantes

Os Mutantes are a Brazilian samba-psych band that released five albums on Polydor between 1968 and 1972. In 1974, the band resurfaced on Som Livre with the symphonic-oriented Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol. Sessions held the prior year produced the similarly-styled O “A” e o “Z” , which was ultimately released in 1992 on Philips. They reunited in 2006.

Members: Sérgio Dias (guitar, vocals, organ, cello, percussion, oud, harmonica), Arnaldo Baptista (bass, keyboards, vocals, 1966-73, 2006-07), Rita Lee (vocals, 1966-72), Liminha (bass, guitar, vocals, 1969-74), Dinho Leme (drums, tabla, percussion, 1969-73, 2006-present), Túlio Mourão (keyboards, 1974-76), Antônio Pedro (bass, 1974-76), Rui Motta (drums, 1974-78), Luciano Alves (keyboards, 1976-78), Paulo de Castro (bass, 1976-78)

Os Mutantes formed in 1966 as the Six Sided Rockers in São Paulo, Brazil, by singing brothers Arnaldo Baptista and Sérgio Dias, both formerly of the The Wooden Faces. Arnaldo played keyboards and bass; Sérgio played a gold guitar (Guitarra de Ouro) made for him by Arnaldo and their brother Cláudio César Dias Baptista, an instrument builder. Singer Rita Lee came from The Teenage Singers.

Their first single, “Suicida” (b/w “Apocalipse”), appeared in 1966 on Continental under the name O’Seis. Just prior to their debut on Brazilian television, they chose the name Os Mutantes (The Mutants). They befriended rising star Gilberto Gil, an icon of Tropicália, a socially charged fusion of bossa nova and psychedelia. Os Mutantes rose in the scene and released their first album on Polydor in 1968.


  • Os Mutantes (1968)
  • Mutantes (1969)
  • A divina comédia ou ando meio desligado (1970)
  • Jardim elétrico (1971)
  • Mutantes e seus cometas no país do baurets (1972)
  • Tudo foi Feito Pelo Sol (1974)
  • O “A” e o “Z” (1992, released 1973)


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