Oriental Wind

Oriental Wind were a multinational avant/ethno-jazz ensemble led by Turkish drummer/percussionist Okay Temiz and featuring various soloists from the Swedish and Polish jazz scenes. The nameplate sprung from the 1977 Temiz album that brought the band together. Of the musicians assembled, pianist Bobo Stenson had made a name for himself on two co-headlining albums with Jan Garbarek on ECM.

A live album, recorded at 1978’s Balver Höhle Jazz Festival, was the first proper album by Oriental Wind, which issued five further titles over the ensuing half-decade. The band’s popularity arguably peaked with the 1981 Sonet release Bazaar.

In 1984, Oriental Wind recorded its final album in collaboration with Bangalore’s Karnataka College of Percussion.

Members: Bobo Stenson (piano), Okay Temiz (drums, percussion), Palle Danielsson (bass), Lennart Åberg (saxophone, flute), Haci Tekbilek (flute, bagpipe, saz, ney, gayda), Bronisław Suchanek (bass), Thomas Östergren (bass)


  • Oriental Wind (1977 • Oriental Wind / Okay Temiz)
  • Live in der Balver Höhle (1978)
  • Chila-Chila (1979)
  • Zikir (1979)
  • Live in Bremen (1981)
  • Bazaar (1981)
  • Life Road (1983)
  • Sankirna (1984 • Oriental Wind & The Karnataka College of Percussion)

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