Opús are an Austrian art-rock/pop band from Graz that formed in 1973 and played the live circuit for seven years before releasing their first album, Daydreams, on Philips in 1980. The album Eleven followed on RCA in 1982, after which the band released three albums apiece on OK Musica on Polydor during the ensuing seven-year period.

Members: Kurt Rene Plisnier (keyboards), Walter Bachkönig (bass, 1973-80), Ewald “Sunny” Pfleger (guitar), Herwig Rüdisser (vocals, 1980-present), Günter Grasmuck (drums), Niki Gruber (bass, 1980-92), Wolfram Abt (bass, 1992-?)


  • Daydreams (1980)
  • Eleven (1981)
  • Opusition (1983)
  • Up and Down (1984)
  • Live Is Life (1984)
  • Solo (1985)
  • Opús (1987)
  • Magical Touch (1990)

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