Opposite Corner

Opposite Corner were a Swedish avant-garde jazz ensemble from Gothenburg, formed in 1968. After an early split-release on SR, the band issued two albums on Caprice in 1976 and 1982, followed by a fourth and final album on Dragon in 1984. The band also have a half-side on the live document Det NyJAZZte från Göteborg, issued by Caprice in 1977.

Members: Stig Ekelöf (trombone), Gunnar Lindgren (tenor saxophone), Bobo Stenson (piano), Lars-Urban Helje (bass), Conny Sjökvist (drums), Gunnar Forss (trumpet), Jon Christensen (drums), Åke Johansson (piano), Mats Hellberg (drums), Kjell Jansson (bass), Annika Skoglund (vocals), Anders Kjellberg (drums), Leroy Lowe (drums)


  • Club Jazz 5 (1971 • Palle Danielsson 6 / Opposite Corner)
  • Jazz i Sverige ’76 (1976)
  • Low-High (1982)
  • Back From Where We Came (1984)

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