One Way

One Way were an American soul-funk band Detroit that released two eponymous albums on MCA during 1979 and 1980 with vocalist Al Hudson featured before the nameplate. During the ensuing five-year period, the band released eight further albums on the label, followed by an eleventh album on Capitol in 1988, once again with special credit to Hudson.

Members: Al Hudson (lead vocals), Dave Roberson (guitar, vocals, piano, synthesizer), Jonathan Meadows (keyboards, synthesizer), Kevin McCord (bass, vocals, piano, synthesizer, drums, 1979-87), Cortez Harris (guitar, vocals, 1979-83), Gregory Green (drums, percussion, vocals, 1979-82, 1984-87), Alicia Myers (vocals, 1979-81), Candye Edwards (vocals, 1981-84), John Brooks (drums, percussion, 1983), Erica Perkins (vocals, 1985-89), Evelyn Meyers (vocals, 1985-89), Curtis Dudley (bass, synthesizer, vocals, 1985-87)


  • One Way (1979)
  • One Way (1980)
  • Fancy Dancer (1981)
  • Love Is… One Way (1981)
  • Who’s Foolin’ Who (1982)
  • Wild Night (1982)
  • Shine On Me (1983)
  • Lady (1984)
  • Wrap Your Body (1985)
  • One Way IX (1986)
  • A New Beginning (1988)

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