Omaha Sheriff

Omaha Sheriff was an English rock band that released the album Come Hell or Waters High in 1977 on Tony Visconti’s Good Earth label. Three members joined the backing band of Judie Tzuke.

Members: Michael Spencer-Arscott (drums, percussion, harmonica, harmonies) Bob Noble (keyboards, harmonies) Paul Muggleton (vocals, guitar) Chris Birkett (vocals, guitar, percussion, bouzouki)

Visconti produced Come Hell or Waters High and played bass and ukulele on select cuts, notably “Waltzing in the Rhododendrons.” The back cover pictures him as a full-fledged band member.

Birkett split for a studio career that includes backing–production work on records by The Bible, The Kane Gang, Dexys Midnight Runners, Peter Gabriel, and Sting. The remaining trio formed the backing band of singer–songwriter Judie Tzuke, who later married Muggleton.


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