Om were a Spanish jazz-psych/folk band that backed singer/songwriter Pau Riba on his 1970 Concèntric release Dioptria. In 1971, the band released a self-titled album and standalone single on Edigsa.

Members: Toti Soler (guitar), Jordi Sabatés (keyboards, 1969-71), Romà Escales (flute, 1969-71), Doro de Montaberry (bass, 1969-70), Josep Polo (drums, 1969-70), Peter Hodgkinson (drums, 1970-72), Tim Hodgkinson (trumpet, saxophone, flugelhorn, 1970), Manolo Elías (double bass, 1970-72), Martí Soler (guitar, 1970-72), Juli Llorens (flugelhorn, saxophone, 1970-71), Alfonso de Lucas (double bass, 1971), Pedro Van Eeckhout (drums, 1971), Paul Stocker (saxophone, 1971-72)


  • Dioptria (1970 • Pau Riba acompanyat per OM)
  • Om (1971)
  • “Vindrà la llum” / “Waiting of Godot” (1971)

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