Offering were a French jazz-rock/Zeuhl project headed by Magma mastermind Christian Vander. The project yielded the double-album Part 1 – Part 2 on JARO in 1986, followed by two discs on Seventh during the early 1990s.

Members: Christian Vander (vocals, drums, percussion, piano, flute), Stella Vander (vocals, percussion), Guy Khalifa (vocals, flute, piano), Simon Goubert (vocals, piano), Pierre Marcault (percussion), Jean-Marc Jafet (bass), Marc Delouya (drums), C. Martinez (trumpet), J. Bolognesi (trombone), Isabelle Feuillebois (vocals), Emmanuel Borghi (piano), Phillipe Dardelle (bass), Jean Claude Buire (drums), Pierre Michel Sivadier (keyboards), Alex Ferrand (vocals), Frederic Briet (bass)


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