Odyssey 5

Odyssey 5 were an American soul group that released the album First Time Around on BRC in 1975.

Members: Carlotta Samuels, Catherine Rice, Glenda Wharton, Jackie Sinclair, Linda McCrae, Sylvania Wilson

Odyssey 5 released their singular album, First Time Around, in 1975 on Brunswick-subsidiary BRC, which issued contemporary recordings by Exit 9 and The Eliminators. It featured 10 songs, including “What’s It Gonna Be,” “Master Plan,” “Golden Dreams,” and “More Ways Than One.” The album was produced by Alonzo Tucker, who co-wrote three of the songs with group member Linda McCrae. The track “Got to Be an Answer” was released as a single in mono and stereo versions.

Odyssey 5 members Sylvania Wilson, Carlotta Samuels, and Jackie Sinclair cut two further albums together as Wess Machine for producer Wess Johnson’s Wesley International Records.


  • First Time Around (1975)

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