Octopus were a German symphonic-rock band that released three albums on Sky Records between 1977 and 1980, followed by a fourth and final release on Rockport in 1981.

Members: Claus D. Kniemeyer (bass), Pit Hensel (guitar, 1973-78), Werner Littau (keyboards, 1973-81), Jennifer Hensel (vocals, 1973-80), Dieter Becke (drums), Frank Eule (drums), Sepp Niemeyer (drums, 1977-81), Winfried Kowallik (guitar, 1978-80), Doris Tangel (vocals, 1980), Alex Rodman (guitar, 1980), Georg Klivinyi (guitar, 1980-83), Michael Stein (vocals, 1980-83)


  • The Boat of Thoughts (1977)
  • An Ocean of Rocks (1978)
  • Rubber Angel (1979)
  • Hart am Rand (1981)

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