Ocean were a French hard-rock band that released the album God’s Clown on Crypto in 1976, followed by three albums on Barclay at the turn of the 1980s.

Members: Georges Bodossian (guitar, synthesizer, vocals), Robert Belmonte (vocals, percussion, 1976-2004), Noël Alberola (bass, vocals, 1976-?), Bernard Leroy (drums, percussion, 1976-79), Jean-Pierre Guichard (drums, 1979), Alain Gouillard (drums, 1979-83, 2010-present), Robert Calfati (drums, 1983), Farid Medjane (drums, 1983), Bennie Sloyan (guitar, 1983)


  • God’s Clown (1976)
  • “A” Live + B (1980)
  • Océan (1980)
  • Océan (1981)

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