Novela (ノヴェラ) were a Japanese symphonic-rock band that released six albums on Nexus between 1980 and 1986, plus two installments of soundtrack music for the Harmagedon Story anime series, issued on Starchild in 1983.

Members: Terutsugu Hirayama (guitar, vocals), Toshio Egawa (keyboards), Hisakatsu Igarashi (lead vocals), Ryuichi Nishida (drums), Ryuji Sasai (bass, vocals)


  • 魅惑劇 (Miwakugeki) (1980)
  • In the Night (1980)
  • Paradise Lost (1981)
  • Harmagedon Story (最終戦争伝説) (1983)
  • Sanctuary (1983)
  • Harmageddon Story 2 (1984)
  • Brain of Balance (1986)
  • The Words (1986)

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