Nightwing were an English symphonic/hard-rock band from London that released the album Something in the Air on Ovation Records in 1980, followed by three further albums and a live disc on Gull between 1982 and 1985, plus a fifth studio album on PGP RTB in 1988.

Members: Gordon Rowley (bass, vocals), Alec Johnson (guitar, 1979-84), Eric Percival (guitar, 1979-80), Kenny Newton (keyboards, 1979-85, 1996), Steve Bartley (drums, 1979-96), Paul Elson (drums, 1980), John Mylett (drums, 1980), Berington Van Campen (keyboards, guitar), Max Bacon (vocals, 1982-83), David Evans, (vocals, 1983-85, 1996), Glynn Porrino (guitar, 1984-present), Kenny Beswick (keyboards, vocals, 1985-87, 1996), Tony Reid (guitar), Barrie Roberts (drums)


  • Something in the Air (1980)
  • Black Summer (1982)
  • Stand Up and Be Counted (1983)
  • My Kingdom Come (1984)
  • A Night of Mystery – Alive! Alive! (live, 1985)
  • Nightwing VI (1988)

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