Nick Straker Band

Nick Straker Band were an English synthpop/funk band from London that released the album Future’s Above My Head on Decca in 1979, followed by A Walk in the Park on CBS in 1980 and A Little Bit of Jazz on Prelude in 1981. Keyboardist/vocalist Straker is backed on the first two albums by the electro/art-pop foursome New Musik, whose frontman Tony Mansfield served as NSB’s co-producer.

Members: Tony Mansfield, Tony Hibbert, Phil Towner, Clive Gates, Nick Straker


  • Future’s Above My Head (1979)
  • A Walk in the Park (1980)
  • A Little Bit of Jazz (1981)
  • “Straight Ahead” / (1982)
  • “You Know I Like It” (1983)

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