Neonbabies were a German New Wave band that released a pair of EPs on Teldec in 1980, followed by three albums on Good Noise and Ariola between 1981 and 1983.

Members: Inga Humpe [Di Lemma] (vocals), Annette Humpe [Anita Spinetti] (vocals, 1979-80), Nikolaus Polak (guitar), Conny Cool (bass), Reinhard Meermann (saxophone), Tony Nissl (drums), Miko [Petra Mikolajczak] (vocals, 1981), Toni Kambiz [Kambiz] (guitar, 1982-83)


  • I Don’t Want to Loose You (EP, 1980)
  • Nervös (EP, 1980)
  • Neonbabies (1981)
  • Harmlos (1982)
  • 1983 (1983)

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