Nebulosa was a Swedish symphonic/hard-rock/folk band that issued a self-titled album on Park Studio in 1977.

Members: Bengt Skarin (drums), Lennart Usterud (bass), Roger Pontare [aka Roger Johansson] (vocals), Thomas Fransén (guitar), Thomas Kacsó (keyboards)

Nebulosa pooled the talents of Hungarian keyboardist Thomas Kacso and four Swedish musicians, including bassist Lennart Usterud, who played on a 1976 single by local singer Michael Finn.

Nebulosa issued their singular album in 1977 on Park Studio. It features 13 numbers, many of them conjoined, including “Dagen Gryr / Strezz-Rock,” “Digital / Det Vackra Folket,” “Ödestrand / Verklighetsflykt,” and “Ensam / Nödrop.” Other tracks include “Apokalyps,” “Mörka Tankar,” and “Undergång.” The recording was overseen by Karl Axel Gårdebäck at the label’s namesake studio. Lyrically, the songs deal with Swedish-Hungarian politics. Only 1,000 copies of Nebulosa were pressed. The album has never received a proper reissue.

Singer Roger Johansson cut a 1981 single in the duo Stars ‘N’ Bars. He also issued records under the nickname Mango/Roger Mango. Drummer Bengt Skarin sang on a 1982 single by Port Salut.


  • Nebulosa (1977)


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