Native Son

Native Son were a Japanese jazz-funk band that released five albums on JVC between 1979 and 1983, followed by a half-dozen further titles on Polydor up to 1987.

Members: Tamio Kawabata (electric bass), Motonobu Ohde (electric guitar), 本田竹曠 [Takehiro Honda] (electric piano, Rhodes, Clavinet, Solina, celesta, percussion), Hiroshi Murakami (drums), Kohsuke Mine (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone), Thomas Colon


  • Native Son (1979)
  • Savanna Hot-Line (1979)
  • Coast to Coast: Native Son Live in USA (1980)
  • Shining (1982)
  • Wind Surfing (1983)
  • Resort (1983)
  • Carnival: Live at Montreux (1983)
  • Gumbo (1984)
  • Daybreak (1985)
  • Veer (1986)
  • Aguncha (1987 • Takehiro Honda and Native Son)

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