Mwendo Dawa

Mwendo Dawa were a Swedish post-bop ensemble that debuted with a piece on the 1977 compilation Det Nyjazzte Från Göteborg, released by Caprice Records. In 1979, the band issued their first album, Basic Line, on Sonet. During the 1980s, the band released 10 albums on Dragon Records, followed over the subsequent quarter-century by eight further discs on LJ Records.

Members: David Sundby, Jimmi Roger Pedersen, Lars Danielsson, Ove Johansson, Susanna Lindeborg


  • Basic Line ‎(1979)
  • Live At Montreux Jazz Festival ‎(1980)
  • Free Lines ‎(1981)
  • Mwendo Dawa ‎(1981)
  • New York Lines ‎(1982)
  • Four Voices ‎(1983)
  • Street Lines (1984)
  • At The Northsea Festival ‎(1984)
  • City Beat ‎(1985)
  • Dimensions ‎(1987)
  • Human Walk (1988)

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