Música Urbana

Música Urbana were a Spanish jazz-rock band that released two albums between 1976 and 1978 on Zeleste and RCA Victor.

Members: Joan Albert Amargós (keyboards, winds), Salvador Font (drums), Carles Benavent (bass), Lluís Cabanach (guitar, 1976-78), Enric Herrera (keyboards, 1976), Emili Baleriola (guitar, 1976), Lucky Guri (keyboards, 1976-78), Jordi Bonell (guitar, 1978-79), Matthew Simon (trumpet, flugelhorn, 1978-79), Jaume Cortadellas (flute, 1978-79)


  • Música Urbana (1976)
  • Iberia (1978)
  • Tatuaje (OST, 1978 • Música Urbana, Blay Tritono & La Rondalla de la Costa)

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