Morse Code

Morse Code was a Québécois symphonic/art-rock band that released two albums as Morse Code Transmission on RCA Victor circa 1971/72 before shortening the nameplate for a three-album run on Capitol between 1975 and 1977. A fourth album appeared on Aquarius in 1983.

Members: Christian Simard (keyboards, vocals), Jocelyn Julien (guitar), Daniel Lemay (guitars, flute), Raymond Roy (drums), Michel Vallée (bass, vocals)

Morse Code evolved from psych-rockers Les Maitres, formed in 1968 by keyboardist Christian Simard and drummer Raymond Roy. In 1970, they added bassist Michel Vallée and issued three singles on RCA: “Un Grand Amour” (b/w “Jolie Suzanne”), “Le Soleil D’Ete (Show Me Your Hand)” (b/w “Une Nuit Avec Toi”), and “Pour L’Amour” (b/w “Tu le Sauras Demain”), the last two sides written by Simard with arrangements by Yves Vincent, know for his productions of female chanson-pop acts (Karo, Chantal Pary, Les Miladys, Robin).

In 1971, guitarist Jocelyn Julien joined the band, now renamed Morse Code Transmission. That August, they released their self-titled debut album on RCA. It was produced by Bill Misener, who oversaw 1970/71 recordings by Tranquillity Base, Rhonda Silver, Marshmallow Soup Group, The French Revolution, and It’s All Meat.



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