Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa was a French symphonic-rock band that released the 1974/75 Arcane albums L’escapade and Grimaces, followed by the 1976–79 Crypto titles Le petit violon de Mr. Grégoire, Avant qu’il ne soit trop tard, and Vers demain.

Members: Christian Gallas (guitar, violin), Jean-Luc Martin (bass), Jean-Paul Pierson (keyboards, guitar, backing vocals), Francis Poulet (drums, percussion, backing vocals, vocals), Gilles Solves (guitar), Dominique Le Guennec (vocals, saxophone, flute, percussion), Pascal Jordan (guitar)

Mona Lisa assembled during 1973 in Orléans, a city on the northern bend of the Loire in north-central France. The original lineup featured guitarist/violinist Christian Gallas, bassist Jean-Luc Martin, keyboardist/guitarist Jean-Paul Pierson, drummer Francis Poulet, and singer/reedist Dominique LeGuennec. They were among a small group of acts (Tangerine, Pentacle, Carpe Diem, Little Bob Story) signed to the French underground label Arcane, started by Ange manager Jean-Claude Pognant.

Mona Lisa recorded their first album at Studio Citadel, Besançon, in October 1974 with additional guitar by Gilles Solves.



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