Moğollar are a Turkish Anatolian rock band from Istanbul, formed in 1967 by multi-instrumentalist Cahit Berkay. Between 1968 and 1971, the band released an average of four singles per year on Sayan Plak. Over the subsequent three-year period, a half-dozen singles appeared on the Türküola and Yavuz labels.

On the 1972 single “Yalan Dünya” / “Kalenin Dibinde,” Moğollar collaborated with up-and-coming singer/songwriter Selda. The trilogy of 1973 Yavuz singles were split-credited with vocalist/composer Cem Karaca. The only album from the band’s first seven years was 1971’s Danses et rythmes de la Turquie d’hier à aujourd’hui, issued as Les Mogols, a French translation of the nameplate.

The singles abruptly stopped in 1975, at which point Moğollar released the album Düm-Tek on Coşkun. After the band’s 1976 eponymous album, all activity ceased for 18 years. Once reactivated, the band would release five further albums into the 21st century.

Members: Cahit Berkay (vocals, electric guitar, bağlama, cura, yaylı tanbur, kemenche), Haluk Kunt (bass, 1967), Hasan Sel (bass, 1967-69), Aziz Azmet (vocals, 1967-70), Murat Ses (keyboards, 1967-72), Engin Yörükoğlu (drums, percussion, kaşık, darbuka, 1967-2010), Taner Öngür (vocals, bass, 1969-present), Ersen (vocals, 1970, 1972), Ayzer Danga (drums, 1971


  • Danses et rythmes de la Turquie d’hier à aujourd’hui (1971 • Les Mogol)
  • Düm-Tek (1975)
  • Moğollar (1976)

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