Modern Eon

Modern Eon was an English post-punk band from Liverpool that released the 1979 EP Pieces on self-press Eon Records, followed by the single “Euthenics” and the 1981 album Fiction Tales on DinDisc.

Members: Alix Plain [aka Alex Johnson] (guitar, vocals, percussion, keyboards, horn), Danny Hampson (bass, vocals), Tim Lever (guitar, saxophone, 1980-81), Joey McKechnie (drums, 1978-80), Ged Allen (guitar, vocals, 1978-80), Bob Wakelin (synthesizer, strings, percussion, vocals, 1980-81), Cliff Hewitt (drums, 1981)


Modern Eon originated as the Luglo Slugs, formed in 1978 by guitarist singer Alix Plain and bassist Danny Hampson. With drummer Dave Hadbattle, Luglo cut the Plain–Hampson original “Benched Down–70s Sixties” at Liverpool’s Open Eye Studios.

In 1979, Plain and Hampson welcomed guitarist Ged Allen and drummer Joey McKechnie. The new lineup named itself Modern Eon. Meanwhile, the Luglo cut appeared (under the new band name) on Street to Street – A Liverpool Album, a collection of Open Eye Studios recordings by Big In Japan (“Match of the Day”), Echo & The Bunnymen (“Monkies”), The ID (“Julia’s Song”), and Tontrix (“Screen Love”).


In November 1979, Modern Eon released Pieces, an EP with four songs by Plain, Hampson, and Allen. This was their sole release on Eon Records.

A1. “Second Still”
A2. “Special Patrol”
B1. “Choreography”
B2. “The Look a Smack”

Recorded at August Studios, Liverpool
Engineered & mixed by Martin Mitchel and Richard Brobyn


In November 1980, Modern Eon released “Euthenics,” a Plain–Hampson–Allen number backed with the Plain–McKechnie cut “Waiting for the Cavalry.” It appeared as the third release on the Liverpool indie Inevitable Records (INEV 003) between singles by Nightmares in Wax and Wah! Heat.

Modern Eon Peel 1. Recorded: 1981-01-28. First Broadcast: 05 February 1981. Repeated: 23 February 1981
Real Hymn / Grass Still Grows / High Noon / Mechanic

Between the single’s completion and release, Allen and McKechnie cleared out for guitarist–saxist Tim Lever, drummer Cliff Hewitt, and percussionist–string player Bob Wakelin.

Modern Eon signed with Dindisc and issued a re-recorded “Euthenics” in March 1981, backed with “Cardinal Signs,” an Alix–Hampson co-produced by ex-Gong bassist Mike Howlett.

Fiction Tales

Modern Eon released their singular album, Fiction Tales, in May 1981 on Dindisc.

A1. “Second Still”
A2. “The Grass Still Grows”
A3. “Playwrite”
A4. “Watching the Dancers”
A5. “Real Hymn”
A6. “Waiting for the Cavalry”
B1. “High Noon” Vocals – Bob Wakelin
B2. “Child’s Play”
B3. “Choreography”
B4. “Euthenics”
B5. “In a Strange Way”
B6. “Mechanic”

Recorded At – The Manor
Recorded At – Britannia Row Studios
Producer – Laurence Diana, Modern Eon

June 1981
A. “Child’s Play”
B. “Visionary”

28 Aug 1981
A. “Mechanic”
B. “Splash”


  • Pieces (EP, 1979)
  • Fiction Tales (1981)


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