Mike Nock

Mike Nock (born Sept. 7, 1940) is a New Zealander jazz pianist with an international career in music dating back to the early 1960s. At the turn of the 1970s, he recorded three album with stateside jazz-rock pioneers the Fourth Way. In 1971, he debuted as a bandleader with the MPS release Between or Beyond. A more prolific stream of solo albums commenced with the 1977 Laurie Records release Magic Mansions, featuring saxophonist Charlie Mariano and drummer Al Foster.


  • Between or Beyond (1971 • Mike Nock Underground)
  • Magic Mansions (1977)
  • In, Out and Around (1978)
  • Climbing (1979)
  • Solo (1979)
  • Piano Solos (1980)
  • Succubus (1980)
  • Ondas (1982)
  • Strata (1984)

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