Miguel Cantilo

Miguel Cantilo (born Nov. 9, 1949) is an Argentinian singer/songwriter with a career that spans half a century. He first emerged alongside guitarist Kubero Díaz in the turn-of-the-seventies psych-rock combo La Cofradía de la Flor Solar. He subsequently formed an on-off partnership with guitarist/vocalist Jorge Durietz, recording as Pedro y Pablo on a pair of early ’70s albums and again on a pair of early ’80s albums.

In 1975, Cantilo fronted Grupo Sur on an eponymous psych-rock/folk album, issued on Trova with Nektar-like cover art. Soon thereafter, he was one of many artists to record with the Ensamble Musical de Buenos Aires on the operatic concept album A Bíblia, released in 1977 on RCA Victor. The 1980s would be his most prolific period with five solo albums amid further Pedro y Pablo activity. Additionally, he fronted the New Wave combo Punch for two albums at the start of that decade.


  • Miguel Cantilo y Grupo Sur (Miguel Cantilo y Grupo Sur, 1975)

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